Wkend Getaway With JETTBLACK Luggage

Author: Jenn Fluri   Date Posted:3 April 2017 

Combining style with travel has never been easier. Jettblack have taken the excitement of travel to the next level with super stylish luggage that you’ll be proud to take on your next adventure with you.


The piece I’ve chosen is ONYX BLACK which is the epitome of chic carry on that has been designed for maximum capacity.
Our little getaway this weekend to Cronulla was just what we needed.
It’s funny how a 50 minute drive to another part of NSW can feel like a whole different State and can be considered as a ‘mini getaway’
So when it’s your turn next to upgrade your luggage, I promise you won’t go wrong with one of their pieces. You won’t break the bank and you’ll definitely have a stylish companion with you every step of the way.

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